Arcadia Mir

Arcadia Mir II is free to play MMORPG based in an ancient oriental world filled with eerie dungeons and fiery dragons. Hundreds of players fighting side by side, exploring dangerous dungeons and fantastic cities… Mir Arcadia is completely free to play up to any level.

✓ Simple to manage skill tree for three character classes: Warrior, Wizard and Taoist
✓ Engaging mix of melee, ranged and magic combat
✓ Straightforward crafting and loot system
✓ Item exchange and in-game auction house
✓ PvP, PvE, guilds, or co-op; play how you like
✓ Deep quest system takes you to distant lands
✓ World of persistent dungeons for all levels of players
✓ Low barrier to entry for new players

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Mir Arcadia