Player Alchemy lets players collect ingredients and mix their own potions, creating both a great economy and interesting game-play. A large variety of ingredients are available, each offering different benefits or detriments to the player – combining different ingredients can vastly alter the course of action during battle. Whether improving your survivability by heightening your defenses and maximum health/mana reserves, improving your attack speed and damage, or a combination of both – investing time in alchemy can be highly beneficial.

To be able to successfully upgrade your potions, you will require; a potion base, and ingredients.

Each ingredient added to a potion will increase the level your character will need to be in order to consume them, while some ingredients will increase your strength and defense, they will also reduce the overall duration the potion effects will last – some ingredients will increase the duration too.

Most of the ingredients can be found on the enemies you face, and the stronger enemies will drop better ingredients to use.

Buff and curse icons (top centre) tell you how much and for how long your abilities are modified from potions, skills and monster attacks.

Not only are ingredients good for creating potions however, they have also proven to be valuable to traders who will give you a small trickle of gold for them. Some are more valuable than others, and you will likely find higher value ingredients on stronger enemies. If you have spare space in your bag, don’t forget to stock up!

Mir Arcadia

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