Getting Started

Welcome to the Legend of Mir: Arcadia!

The world around you has fallen prey to demonic forces, fearsome beasts and godlike entities, hell-bent on utter destruction. As our enemy grows stronger, we grow weaker and weaker… our civilisation crumbles around us as we make our last stand. You are our only hope, Hero, it is you who must cleanse these lands, and forge your own path to become the Hero you are destined to be. We pray that your path leads us to our salvation, are you with us? Or against us…


Character Creation

Let’s start by creating your own personal account where you will create your own hero.

Both servers can now be accessed in one place. From the server selection screen, head to “Create Account” in the bottom left corner, and follow the on screen instructions.

Important: Never share your account details with anyone else. A Game Master will never ask you for your password under any circumstances.

Once you have successfully managed to create your own personal account, you may begin creating your own Hero. Firstly, choose a name for your Hero. Then, choose a class/profession – there are three different classes to choose from:


Disciplined in the art of close-quarters combat, the Warrior can deliver devastating melee attacks with unstoppable force as the frontline soldiers on the battlefield. Their unmatched physical strength grants them heightened resistances to all physical damage and increased health to sustain unbelievable amounts of pain.
Primary Attributes: DC (Destructive Class) – AC (Armour Class)


Highly skilled masters of the magical energies, the Wizard possesses the unique ability to control the elemental forces and bend them to their will. While they lack physical endurance, they make up for it in magical dominance on the battlefield as deadly ranged killers. Their unmatched spellbinding supremacy grants them increased levels of magical resistance and stronger mana reserves to withstand and protect themselves against the harsh elements.
Primary Attributes: MC (Magic Class) – AMC (Magic Armour Class)


Forged under the protection of the light, the Taoist focuses on spiritual healing and enlightenment through holy pursuits, unleashing a downpour of celestial energy upon their foes or healing their allies. Their unmatched versatility allows them to resist some level of physical and magical damage to fend off the many different threats in the world of Arcadia.
Primary Attributes: SC (Soul Class) – DC (Destructive Class) – AC (Armour Class – AMC (Magic Armour Class)


The Basics

Take a minute to adjust to the controls of the game. Use ‘Left-Mouse Button‘ over open spaces to make your character walk in that direction – similarly, use ‘Right-Mouse Button‘ to make your character run in that direction. The ‘Left-Mouse Button‘ can be used to interact with NPCs, attack monsters with melee and can be combined with other keys to produce different effects. (See Player Commands for more information)

If you are new to Arcadia, I strongly suggest you begin your journey by interacting with Emily, she can be found near your starting location wearing a pink dress – she will help you to grasp the basics of the game by introducing the various game elements you will be required to learn in order to develop yourself later on through a series of different quests that may involve: exploration, item management and combat.

Use the following keys to help you get started:
F9 / I – Open the Inventory Menu
F10 / C – Open the Equipment Menu
F11 / S – Open the Skills Menu
F12 / O – Open the Options Menu



You will encounter many different monsters in the world of Arcadia of different strengths and abilities. Some will be holding Gold (which can be used to purchase items from stores), Items that you can wear to increase your strength, or Consumables to replenish your health, mana or temporarily improve your strength. If you see these items drop onto the floor and you wish to take them, simply move your character onto the item and press ‘Tab‘, or left-click to pick them up. Consumable items may appear in your Belt (located just above the Chat Box) which can be instantly used by using keys 1 to 6 respective of their position in the belt.


Try to get used to the different hotkeys in the game to make things much easier and faster for you. Pressing ‘V‘ will open the Mini-map/Big-map, pressing ‘T‘ will trade with another player (both players must face each other), pressing ‘P‘ will open the Party Menu – ticking the “Allow Group” box will allow you to be grouped by other players where you will be able to share exp and gold from monsters. Take a few minutes to explore the interface to discover other hotkeys to help you. (Refer to Player Commands for a list of player commands)

PvP (Player vs. Player) Combat

Your character, by default, will begin in an “Attack All” attack mode – meaning that your character can inflict damage to all targets, including other players and pets. To change your attack mode, simple use ‘CTRL + H‘. Attacking other non-hostile players will deem you a hostile target for 30-45 seconds where your character’s name will turn Brown, during this state your character will be open to attacks from other players where you may be killed without penalty. Killing other non-hostile players will increase your “PK Points (Player Kill)“, and lower your character’s Karma level. After 100 accumulated points, your character’s name will turn Yellow, meaning your character can be killed by other players without risking their weapons Critical Hit chances. 200 accumulated points will turn your character’s name Red, this means you are an extremely hostile target and all nearby guards will attack you on sight, you will also be a target to other players who can kill you without penalty. If you die whilst your name is Red in a drop zone, every item in your inventory will drop to the floor, so be warned.


Player’s Karma Levels are depicted by a visual heroic glow around their character, this could assist you in deciding if you are dealing with a friend or foe, as will be the same for other players when interacting with you. Karma is influenced by your actions in game – killing monsters, hunting with friends and not engaging in combat are factors which will positively affect your karma, whereas killing other players will for example will negatively affect your karma.

Player’s who have good karma will find themselves to be luckier in their adventures than those who have been naughty.

Player Messaging

You can message other players by pressing ‘Enter‘ to open the chat bar where you can type your message – hitting Enter again will send it. There are various different types of chat zones which you can use if you wish to speak with others. Use “/playername” before your message to submit a private message to another player. (Refer to Player Commands for more information)


Mir Arcadia

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