Located in the far eastern mountains are the appropriately named “Snowbrook Mountains”. The harsh eternal winter cold enveloped the land many centuries ago, blanketing the landscape in a thick layer of ice and snow. The spiraling ice storms, strong winds and dangerously low temperatures have transformed the mountainside into an inhospitable frozen wasteland – that said, there are however some local wildlife that are not exactly strangers to the cold.

So if you decide to take a trip up the mountain, make sure you wrap up nice and warm before wandering into the icy abyss.

Area Information

While the human populace may struggle to survive this far up the mountain, some animals thrive in the cold and roam the region looking for any sources of food they can get their paws on. Beware of the Svaltus tribe, for they are unlike their Prajna brothers and sisters.
Aside from the infinite expanse of frost, as you head further up the mountain, you will come across some ancient temples with some not-so-friendly inhabitants. These beautifully intricate monuments remain perfectly intact to this day, despite the harsh weather conditions.
Not many merchants will be found here, the deadly cold tends to keep people away. But one man by the name of Alvin is said to challenge aspiring heroes to venture deep into the Blue Dragon Palace in search of great fortune. The journey is no easy walk in the park.
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