The Legend of Mir Arcadia is an MMORPG, so you won’t be playing alone! Not only can you can in and group with any player to go hunting, but you can also form a Guild.



Guilds level up just like you do. They can grow and purchase upgrades via points earned though regular game-play. Guilds may enter tournaments together and win Trophies!


Guild Stats

Level – Current Guild level. Unlocks various features. Buy levels with Build Points.
Stability – A healthy guild must remain stable. Adding and removing players will decrease stability. Daily Guild effort can increase stability.
Mem. Limit – Number of seats / number of maximum seats. Seats can be bought with Build Points. Not number of current members.
Build Point – Guild Build Points can be used to upgrade and stabilise the Guild.
Aura – Similar to player Karma, Aura is affected by unlawful PK.
Gold – For storage of Guild funds – members may contribute
GameGold – For storage of Guild funds – members may contribute
Shields – Similar to Buffs, Guild Shields can be purchased to benefit the whole Guild
Ranking – A rankings page displaying different Guild forerunners

n.b An unstable (negative stability) Guild will be lose levels. Stability is assessed based on Guild Level and Member Count (actual). The Guild must earn enough Build Points daily in order to maintain stability. Therefore having inactive members in your Guild will put more strain on the active members.


Guild FAQs

How do I create a Guild?
Head to the Palace in Bichon Wall and talk to the Bichon Administrator.

How do I level the Guild?
Guild Leaders will see an option to buy a level for the Guild. The cost to buy a level is in Guild Build Points. A Guild needs at least 30% stability in order to level up.

How do I get Guild Build Points?
Currently, Guild Build Points are earned though killing certain monsters, such as, but not limited to, Bosses, Subs, and glowing champions. Whoever kills the monster must be within 30 levels of the monster in order to collect the points.
n.b. If your member count is currently greater than your Guild Seat allowance then you will not gain any points. You can kick excess members without losing stability.

What is a Guild Seat?
Each member takes up a Seat. The maximum allowance is limited by Guild level. Leaders can buy extra Seats for a fee of Guild Build Points.

What is Stability?
Certain functions require a stable guild. Performing actions such as adding/kicking members will reduce your Guilds stability. An inactive Guild will also lose stability; each day after 3 AM, a determined number of Guild Build Points will be deducted in order to maintain stability. If the Guild has enough points it will gain 15% stability. If there are not enough points then stability will be lost. When stability reaches 0% a Guild level will be lost.

How do I get Aura?
Much like Karma, Guild Aura is affected by game-play. The primary source of negative Aura is illegal player kill, however there are other means of gaining / losing Aura.

What is the point in donating Gold or GameGold to the Guild?
Some actions, such as buying Shields will require a cost in Gold. Members can help to supply that Gold for the buffs they receive.
Currently GameGold is not required for anything, so it is recommended to not lock it into the Guild.

How can I take Gold or GameGold out of the Guild?
Currently this cannot be done. In future updates there may be a ‘dividend’ button which will distribute a portion of the Guild Gold fairly to all the members.

What is a Guild Shield?
A Guild Shield is a buff that can be earned and then bought. The buff is passed onto all members. The cost is proportional to the total number of members. Shields increase in effect and ability, Wooden Shields up to Gold Shields.

How can I increase the maximum member count?
Buy Guild Seats, each member needs somewhere to sit!

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