Many adventurers set sail to the vast open sea, soon discovering a mysterious island East of Prajna Island. Abundant with wildlife and stunning scenery, this peaceful island soon became a very popular fishing village and go-to place for adventurers. Arcadia was not always so peaceful however. Vicious storms and frequent earthquakes plagued the lands, splitting the island into three pieces. Years had passed, with no sign of any clouds in sight, nor had there been any reports of earthquakes.

Despite the damages, Arcadia remained a beautiful, secluded area, and it’s inhabitants continued to lead simple pastoral unsophisticated, yet happy lives, to the point that Arcadia may refer to some imaginary idyllic paradise.

Area Information

Arcadia may not be very dangerous, seasoned adventurers may seek passage to the Paradise Isles through Arcadia. Don’t be fooled by it’s name, and do not be distracted by it’s beauty, for the inhabitants are very deadly. Local traders advise travelers to take great caution when exploring the Paradise Isles.
While exploring Arcadia, you will encounter some of the most breath taking scenery from the Paradise Isles, and the Paradise Lakes. Experience never before seen floating islands with stunning waterfalls, plants and animals, bursting with a multitude of different colours. Be aware that, you won’t be the only ones taken by it’s beauty.
Only a handful of merchants decided to stay behind, Arcadia’s famous Last Man Standing event remains as the main entertainment. Hosted by the Arch-Angel Tyrael every Sunday at 5:00 PM, Mighty Warriors, Wizards and Taoists can battle it out in a feat to be the last one alive, where great rewards await the victor.
Mir Arcadia

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