Prajna Island

Just of the coast of Bichon Wall, Prajna Island stands as one of the most dangerous places on the planet, housing some of the world’s most fierce enemies. Adventurers can catch the ferry from Bichon Wall to the local fishing village anytime, for a fee. The stunning beaches, crystal clear ocean and palm trees surround this small corner of paradise but house greater evil within it’s colourful distraction.

This famous fishing village stands as the largest distribution center of fish, exporting to many neighbouring islands, cities, fortresses and other settlements worldwide. While much of the island’s economy relies on the fish trade, tourism is certainly a great contributing factor since the arrival of the Three Heroes.

Area Information

The tortured souls of the fallen soldiers and citizens roam the island, while the Svaltus clan occupy the Prajna Stone Cave and are extremely dangerous. The Minotaur race reside within the great Prajna Temple, experienced adventurers should beware when attempting to explore the depths.
The famous Prajna fish trade owes it’s success to the expert fishermen and a fleet of the best ships ever made. The busy dock stands as the longest operating dock in the world, with a team who possess over 60 years of combined experience out on the open sea.
While this may only be a small fishing village, there are a series of traders who sell some basic wares to tourists and travelers. Sandford is known to sell extremely powerful healing potions, though many believe they are very expensive, they can prove invaluable when saving your life.
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