Naga Wall

While the desert is known as one of the most inhospitable environments in the region, the great Naga Wall can be found at the bottom of the Naga Mountains and offers refuge to peaceful travelers who have managed to survive the long haul. Food and water are scarce, though the walls will provide shelter here from the elements for a brief moment of respite. In the distance, you can just about see the towering Naga Fortress to the north East of the Oasis, and to the West, the savage Terror Temple.

Be wary when venturing into the Desert Tunnels, or even up the valley path, for great evil lurks within. These are no places for solo adventurers, traveling in groups is highly recommended.

Area Information

Native to the region, the Naga tribe can be seen wandering the desert in search for food, residing within the tunnels and mountain passes. These warriors are far stronger than the Goatmen tribes so be cautious if you decide to head deeper into the desert.
Erected from the abundant clay deposits, the buildings here offer shelter to the local merchants and travelers to the region. While they aren’t the strongest material, the locals don’t have much choice this far away from civilisation.
Passing through the region, you’ll come across the few remaining merchants still surviving. Selling small wares to anyone passing by. Make sure to visit to local peddler, he is known to sell great strength potions that will be useful in the field.
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