Before the Dark Exile, the small village of Tristram was once a peaceful place, whose neighbours were friendly and accommodating to their local brothers and sisters, as well as outsiders. They were all firm believers that everyone in life deserved a chance, and would welcome all into their village with open arms. While many respected their way of life, this would lead to their unfortunate demise, for what they had welcomed into their home wasn’t so friendly. The few remaining survivors stuck together, forming the great Horadrim Order. The tale of the lone wanderer is a harrowing experience, while many are reluctant to share the stories openly, there are a small few survivors who will be more open with outsiders.

During the Dark Exile, the Horadrim Order managed to slay Diablo and trap him within one of three Soulstones. The Order began to dissipate as their numbers dwindled, and the monastery fell into ruin. Over time, villages were established in the surrounding area and Tristram has since been rebuilt, acting as one of the main villages in the area.

Area Information

Since the destruction of the great evil, the land has since found it’s peace once again. The only known threat to the region is the Fox Cave. These are unlike your everyday fox, these foxes are at the peak of their evolutionary echelon and are said to possess incredible magic abilities. Their source of power is said to be buried deep within the cave.
Once a small village burned to the ground, now a fully reformed settlement that stands as a reminder to all demonic forces that the combined strength of humanity is no force to be reckoned with. Venture deep into the surrounding forests, but beware of the Evil Ape that lurks in the shadows.
Be sure to drop by and speak to Giovanni, he is said to offers various challenges to aspiring Heroes whom have accomplished great achievements. The more we achieve, the more Giovanni will challenge us, and his rewards can be quite beneficial.
Mir Arcadia

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