Arcane Wall

The Arcane Palace, a monumental masterpiece of magical mystery where some of the strongest mages on the planet spent many years perfecting their spell craft, learning to bend the elemental forces to their will. The Palace is protected by a powerful Arcane Ward, despite many invasions over the years the palace remains unscathed to this day. The Arch-mage often rents out the grounds to local guilds who wish to battle it out for control of the region, during which, the arcane ward is temporarily disabled for the duration of the War.

Situated between a series of caves and crevices, mines and other dangerous areas, the local mages must be on their guard at all times in order to protect the town from invasion. Traveling adventurers are often spotted in the area exploring these regions hunting for low level equipment and gaining experience.

Area Information

Surrounding the Arcane Wall region are a series of caves and crevices, filled with dangerous beasts. Some areas such as the Ant Caves, Insect Caverns and the Valley of the Serpents are great areas for lesser experienced hunters to practice their skills, but are advised to stay well away from Sunken Temple and the Cisthene Caves.
Aside from the dangerous caves, the Arcane Wall region offers some very good scenery. Rumour has it that over half a century ago, weddings were hosted here – joining two loving spirits under the protection of the Arcane. While this tradition was later disbanded, some believe it may return again soon.
Within the Arcane Ward, traders buy and sell a series of wares discovered by adventurers. Among the traders, a specialist merchant offers her a unique skill – her mastery of magic has allowed her to harvest any magical power from armour pieces, for a price.
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