Naga Desert

East of the Phoenix Oasis, the great Naga Desert stretches for hundreds of miles. The scorching heat, persistent sand storms and plethora of dangerous creatures roaming around make this one of the most inhospitable environments in the region. With no nearby water or food sources, not many dare walk the southern pass and many who have tried have fallen prey to the desert’s elements and now serve as nothing more than food for the vultures.

Many speak of an unknown evil said to lurk beneath the sand, a worm-link creature of unimaginable size and strength, ambushing and overpowering anyone caught within it’s grasp. Locals warn anyone of the dangers of the desert, though more often than not the advice falls on deaf ears and not many have lived to tell the tale.

Area Information

An indigenous population of Goatmen occupy the region in large numbers. Each member of their tribe has a unique role; rogues are weaker in strength, but move and attack very quick. Brutes are strong but slow, and the mages are weak but can target you with ranged magic attacks.
Right beneath the desert sands, a huge underground hideout stretches for miles wide and goes down quite deep. The Goatmen reside here and swarm the underground tomb in great numbers, and are not afraid to remove any unwanted guests from wandering too far down.
The desert is no place to live, the conditions are brutal. As such, only a handful of merchants remain, selling small amenities to travelers. The potion maker’s produce offers very strong healing qualities, his partner will purchase various ingredients from travelers to use in his potions.
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