The deep jungle of Vailutra to many is an inhospitable place, where the endless masses of trees have driven even the strongest willed explorers to insanity. Rumour has it that anyone who strays to far from the path is said to disappear forever – no survivors were ever discovered, nor any evidence to indicate if they are still alive. While many laugh in disbelief of the tale and venture into the dark wilderness, they often turn tail and run at the sight of the roaming Goatmen tribes and other mysterious beasts that lurk in the shadows.

The only signs of human life are found occupying an assortment of ruins in the center of the jungle, though they do not get many visitors this far into the void.

Area Information

The Wooma tribes here are nothing like those found in the Woomyon Woods – these are stronger and far more deadly so beware when venturing into the temples. Also occupying the region are a strange race of mutant-like creatures who are extremely aggressive and amass in large numbers.
Scattered throughout the depths of the jungle are an assortment of Mayan ruins and temples, some are still intact to this day, though their new neighbours are far from welcoming. These ruins were once the foundations of a great civilisation of ancient warriors.
There aren’t many visitors to the deep jungle, the local merchants here offer a very limited selection of wares but the local alchemist is said to offer some of the strongest potions in the world for a great price – their healing properties like no other.
Mir Arcadia

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