Woomyon Wall

Some of the greatest Taoists study, or have studied at the great Tao School. Located deep within the Woomyon Woods, the Taoists prefer to live in seclusion away from the fray of corruption and avarice – often living a peaceful life without material gain, forever seeking a lifetime of spiritual enlightenment. The school has since made a name for itself and is now more formally known as Woomyon Wall – holding it’s own place on the map.

The Taoist elder continues to help grow and develop young aspiring Taoists, but offers services to people from all walks of life. Local guilds swear an oath of peace to the Taoist Elder and it’s inhabitants, in exchange for control of the region and may only battle at certain times on certain days.

Area Information

The Woomyon Woods are home to a collection of different creatures, from; Insects, Oma and the Wooma. Buried deep into the sides of the mountain, the Wooma Temple hides the race of Wooma. These horned beasts form in large numbers, though not very dangerous. For beginner adventurers, this would be a good place to start their journey.
Beautiful shrines and monuments built around the Taoist School pay homage to the deceased. Through discipline and meditation, the Taoists are said to be able to commune with the dead, their connection is like no other. While many do not believe the stories, the faith of the Taoists remains strong.
Since the school became a popular destination for people from all walks of life, traders began to setup here, selling an assortment of goods. A master craftsman by the name of “Eugene” is said to possess the ability to craft amulets like no other, specially tailored for Taoists with spiritually enhancing capabilities.
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