The Three Heroes


Disciplined in the art of close-quarters combat, the Warrior can deliver devastating melee attacks with unstoppable force as the frontline soldiers on the battlefield. Their unmatched physical strength grants them heightened resistances to all physical damage and increased health to sustain unbelievable amounts of pain.

Primary Attributes: DC (Destructive Class) – AC (Armour Class)


Highly skilled masters of the magical energies, the Wizard possesses the unique ability to control the elemental forces and bend them to their will. While they lack physical endurance, they make up for it in magical dominance on the battlefield as deadly ranged killers. Their unmatched spellbinding supremacy grants them increased levels of magical resistance and stronger mana reserves to withstand and protect themselves against the harsh elements.

Primary Attributes: MC (Magic Class) – AMC (Magic Armour Class)


Forged under the protection of the light, the Taoist focuses on spiritual healing and enlightenment through holy pursuits, unleashing a downpour of celestial energy upon their foes or healing their allies. Their unmatched versatility allows them to resist some level of physical and magical damage to fend off the many different threats in the world of Arcadia.

Primary Attributes: SC (Soul Class) – DC (Destructive Class) – AC (Armour Class – AMC (Magic Armour Class)

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