Castle Gi-Ryoong

One of the very first castles to be constructed, Castle Gi-Ryoong is the oldest standing castle still functional to this day. Surrounded by high cliffs and mountains, this impenetrable fortress remains untouched to the harsh elements and invaders. The castle often stands as a battle ground for contesting guilds fighting for control of the region, and the wealth accumulated within the palace walls. Taxes paid by local merchants are deposited within the castle’s treasury, where only the controlling guild owner may access however they see fit.

The castle’s great defensive location and titanic structure often dismay any potential attackers. Nowadays you will only find the occasional wandering bandits, though they tend to keep their distance from the castle walls so not to alert the guards or draw any unnecessary attention.

Area Information

East of the castle, the Black Dragon Dungeon can be found. It is recommended to avoid this area, for progressively stronger forces amass within this mysterious dungeon. Adept hunters may wish to explore this region and challenge the evil within, but must do so at their own risk.
Towering walls forged from the finest granite provide an almost impenetrable defense. Guarded by highly trained specialist Archer Guards and heavily armoured Bichon Guards, it would be suicide to try and take over the castle.
Gi-Ryoong’s heavy security and defense provide safety and shelter to the local merchants found here. They tend to sell a variety of different goods, from; potions to small arms. Stronger health and mana potions are sold here, for a higher price, they can definitely be worth their while.
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