Mongchon Province

The desert civilisation known as ‘Mudwall’ resides within the Mongchon Province, north of the Bichon Province. Built purely from the abundant mud and clay deposits, the towns walls provide strong fortification against potential invaders and the mysterious ‘Lame Ape’ that is said to lurk within the wilderness, preying on lone wanderers that stray too far from the town. Adventurers and merchants flocked from the Bichon Province in search for a better future, stumbling across the arid remains of a once prominent race of sheep-like creatures known as the ‘Zuma’. Understanding the potential for success, the team set out in search for materials to forge their city in hopes that they would be able to shelter themselves from the harsh heat-waves and violent sandstorms. Once fully established, the city became popular to adventurers and travelling merchants and is now considered a major city throughout the region.


Local Area

  • Slave CaveLocated far below the depths of the great Sabuk Wall, the abandoned mine shaft known only as ‘Slave Cave’ still remains. Before the first great conquest war, a strange beast wielding devilish horns closely resembling that of the infamous Zumataurus, had been sighted outside the walls. It is said that this horrifying demonic creature would kidnap wanderers and carry them away to the abandoned mine shaft, where they were forced into slavery.
  • Mystery CaveNo one really knows anything about this particular cave, which is why is it such a mystery. Court wizard, Ultima, first discovered the cave many years ago after a teleportation spell had adverse effects. Ultima has long since shared his discoveries with the other court wizards, who have found ways to access this cave. They have found that this cave is protected by an enchanted barrier that prevents outsiders from entering, though through recent experiments, court wizards have found that the enchanted barrier begins to lose it’s power for a brief period on Sundays – allowing teleportation. Hardened projections of fierce monster bosses are said to roam these halls with deadly ferocity.
  • Sabuk WallThe Great Sabuk Wall was erected during the reign of the ‘Evil Mir’. Built originally as a proving ground for young warriors to test their skills in combat, Sabuk Wall has since become a long standing fortress. Guilds are forever seeking to control the Walls, as they are said to receive specialist services for controlling and defending their stronghold. Local merchants pledge their allegiance to the authorities and as such, 5% of their overall profits are given to the vaults. Be aware that guild leaders have access to the vaults and control the funds within.
  • PenalInitially constructed as an scouts outpost, the Mongchon Penal acted as a base camp for scouts to keep watch for potential invaders. Unbeknownst to the scouts of the dangers nearby, the team began to mysteriously transform into some form of demonic creatures. The assumption was that there had been a viral outbreak, though the transformed had shown no signs of infection whatsoever. Adventurers noticed that criminals had some how entered purgatory and were seen in the area around the Penal -but the thought of murderers breaking free from Hell was impossible. Upon further inspection, they noticed a small gap in the cliff wall where creatures were spotted. Reports from scouts who had entered the cave, informed us that this place was, as they described, “a backdoor to Hell”. The cave they had stumbled across was acting as a gateway to the Hell Realm which explains how criminals were able to enter purgatory without earning their place among the people.
  • Life Death CoffinAlso referred to as “Bug Cave”, Life Death Coffin resides deep within the Cliffside caves, North East of Mud Wall. The inner structure to these seemingly endless corridors stretches for miles and miles, many adventurers have set out in search for the Evil Centipede said to lurk beneath the cave’s depths, only to become lost in the maze of tunnels and crevices. Many of the creatures that once lived here numbered in the hundreds of thousands. However, due to a large volume of hunters, the corridors are now empty and barren. As the creatures lay close to extinction, they have decided to fall back to the depths where they seek protection from the terrifying Evil Centipede.
  • Hidden LandsLocated East of Bug Cave, there is a small opening within the cliffs which travellers refer to as the “Hidden Lands”. It is said that many years ago, this little piece of paradise was once home to an abundance of wildlife who have long since evacuated the area. Several mining expeditions occurred here, it was found that within the centre of the opening deep underground, was a large gold ore deposit. Miners began to exploit its riches and eventually depleted the entire deposits within several months of its discovery. The miner’s hunger for wealth drove them to continue digging deeper, where unimaginable evil lay in waiting, ready to be unleashed upon the world…
  • Stone TempleThe Old Stone Temple, now but a replica of the Great Stone Tomb, is now used as a training ground for young adventurers wishing to test their skills and combat prowess. Many creatures from the great Stone Tomb can be found here but as the temple is now blessed with light, the monsters here are considerably weaker.
  • Stone TombThe Great Stone Tomb, not to be confused with the Stone Temple, is a large underground facility once used as a mausoleum – now occupied by vicious bugs, evil boars and undead mummies. The gigantic inner complex of the tomb consists of several levels and even a maze buried within, which is said to protect the great Evil Snake from invaders. This huge structure can be found in the centre of Mud Wall, adventurers are asked to take extreme care when exploring the tomb as the monsters within are very dangerous and highly aggressive.
  • Zuma TempleDeep within the Mongchon jungle, is the great Zuma Temple. Home to the infamous Zuma, the Temple they protect houses their leader – the Zumataurus, who is said to have the ability to summon minions to its aid during the heat of battle, whilst delivering a downpour of elemental fury on those who dare wake him from his slumber.
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