Mongchon Province

The desert civilisation known as ‘Mudwall’ resides within the Mongchon Province, north of the Bichon Province. Built purely from the abundant mud and clay deposits, the towns walls provide strong fortification against potential invaders and the mysterious ‘Lame Ape’ that is said to lurk within the wilderness, preying on lone wanderers that stray too far from the town.

Adventurers and merchants flocked from the Bichon Province in search for a better future, stumbling across the arid remains of a once prominent race of sheep-like creatures known as the ‘Zuma’. Understanding the potential for success, the team set out in search for materials to forge their city in hopes that they would be able to shelter themselves from the harsh heat-waves and violent sandstorms. Once fully established, the city became popular to adventurers and travelling merchants and is now considered a major city throughout the region.

Area Information

On the outskirts on Mudwall, you can find a bug-infested fatally poisonous cavern, where local officials preach of a giant worm-like creature said to lurk within it’s depth, ambushing unsuspecting adventurers as they wander too far. Meanwhile, a towering Temple of the Zuma can be found within the forest area – these Zuma do not take kindly to trespassers.
Many have heard of the Great Sabuk War, but only the strongest Warriors, Wizards and Taoists have stood foot within the Sabuk Walls. The doors to the great palace are said to have been forged with the finest Adamantium steel in the world, strong enough to withstand the most brutal of punishments.
The intense heat of the scorching desert tend to keep wanderers at bay, but there are several merchants still around today who dare brave the elements. A local gem craftsman offers specialist services to those looking to polish highly valuable gems to enhance their mysteriously powerful properties, for a price.
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