Upgraded Items

Upgraded items are fairly common, and are denoted by their name being colored, as opposed to a normal item’s white. In most cases when an upgraded item is crafted or dropped from a monster, it will appear unidentified. When you identify an upgraded item, you will see certain words added to the item’s name, both prefixes (Such as “Superior”), and suffixes (“of Smoke”). Each prefix represents the number of added stats on an item whereas the suffix represents one magical property on the item. For example Superior items have only one or two added stats while Legendary and Artifact items may have many extra stats and are much rarer in occurrence.

Identification Scrolls

Identification scrolls can be used to determine an unidentified items properties. There are three different scrolls with increasing ability for identification. More expensive scrolls are able to identify more statistic points on items.

Peddler is located at 305:282 in Tristram and has three types of scrolls for sale:

  • Identification Scroll = 990 gold coins
  • Scroll Of Attributes = 9 900 gold coins
  • Scroll Of Knowledge = 99 000 gold coins
  • Scroll Of Wisdom = 900 000 gold coins

The Upgrading Process

During game-play you will find and collect items from killing monsters and looting dungeons. Many of these items will be of no immediate use to you so you may either; sell them, salvage them or simply leave them on the floor.

If you choose to salvage these items you will extract one of two properties, an Essence or a Design, which you may then use to upgrade a similar item.


To salvage an item you must locate the NPC that knows this craft for one of the three item types. When salvaging you will extract either an Essence essence or a Design design from the item. There is a cost in Gold Coins to pay to salvage an item. This cost is based primarily upon the level of the item.


There is one type of Essence but three types of design based on what the item is:

  • Weapons – Blacksmith located at 260:273 in Tristram – Weapon Design
  • Armour, boots, belts – Tailor located at 170:248 in Arcane Province – Weapon Design
  • Jewellery – Jeweller located at 160:173 in Mud Wall Jewellers – Weapon Design

The Essence

The Essence of an item represents its magical qualities. A rarer item with more added stats will have a more powerful Essence. This is represented with three different item qualities:

Volume = Represents how full the vial is. A vial full of Essence will have a greater chance of succeeding in upgrade. This also changes the prefix of the item name.
Purity = Represents the lack of impurities of the Essence inside the vial. A higher purity will improve success. This value is similar to item level.
Slag = The leftovers of salvaging can sometimes be left in the vial, this slag will cause problems when upgrading items.

The Design

The Design of an item represents how it was specially designed to be spectacular or not. A design is represented with three different item qualities:

Quality = Represents the quality of the original item. A poor quality design is not going to be much use! This also changes the prefix of the item name.
Detail = Represents how detailed the design is. The more detail you have the better chance of copying over those rare qualities. This value is similar to item level.
FadeSometimes the drawings of a Design can be quite faded. This will affect item quality and result in poorer results.

Upgrading an Item

upgrade fullTo upgrade an item you need one Essenc, one Design of the specific item type, and the item you wish to upgrade. Open you inventory (F9) and select the blue hammer icon  in the bottom right of the inventory panel. This will open the upgrade window and can be done in any location at any time.

All items that are upgraded first lose all their stats. This means that if there is a failed upgrade, the item will become normal, if successful then the old stats will be replaced with the new.

Place the Essence, Design and item you wish to enhance into the empty spaces of the upgrade window. Select upgrade and pray for success. If successful the box around the item will glow and give you an unidentified item. If unsuccessful you will be left with a normal item with a white name.


Upgrading items with this system will never break an item but will always consume the Essence and Design.

Mir Arcadia

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