Phoenix Wall

Far across the horizon, the great Phoenix Wall can be seen looming in the distance – a fortress built, fit for a king. In the center of the settlement you will find the palace, the land owners often rent their palace to neighbouring guilds looking to wage war with other guilds in an attempt to gain control of the region and the palaces inner riches. While the locals do not like the idea of their tax money falling into the hands of ‘savages’, they take solace in the fact their walls still stand, and the controlling guild provides security during hard times.

Many people travel to Phoenix Wall to spectate the famous Arena event, where aspiring Heroes put their skills to the test in a small enclosed space, filling with increasingly more dangerous creatures after each passing moment. Heroes may join forces and participate in groups, or the brave may wish to participate solo. While you may not fill your pockets with riches, if you are successful, you can walk away with a shiny medal (and bragging rights).

Area Information

With the main temple now in disarray, the Zuma warlords fled to the west, inhabiting a desolate dungeon deep underground. Amassing in large numbers, the Zuma have since grown in strength, protecting their leader from outsiders. These Zuma are not to be taken lightly, for they are unlike their Zuma Temple brothers in MudWall.
The centerpiece of Phoenix Wall holds the statue of a great Hero who founded the Arena event over 11 years ago. The Arena still functions today under new leadership, the long standing tradition has become somewhat of a tourist attraction, as well as a great feat for aspiring heroes to prove their strength.
Only a few merchants occupy this relatively small settlement, for the Phoenix Wall mainly acts as a battleground for Guilds. Though the local tailor is said to possess a unique talent, a specialist skill which allows her to craft enchanted gem sockets into armour pieces, for a price.
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