Player Commands

The Legend of Mir: Arcadia features a wide variety of different player commands to use at your disposal. These commands are designed to make the game easier to navigate and perform tasks with ease, at the click of a button.


Hot keys

Hot keys are keyboard shortcuts which, when pressed, will execute a series of already defined commands in the game. Here is a list:

  • CTRL + AChange the Attack Mode of your pets/companions
  • CTRL + H Change the Attack Mode of your player
  • CTRL + Right-Mouse ButtonOpen the interaction menu when a player is highlighted
  • CTRL + RReload your bag (in the event of an item bug where items may go missing)
  • H(Disable Caps-Lock first) Open the town teleport menu
  • G Open the Guild Menu (you must be in a guild)
  • P Open the Party Menu
  • VPress once to open Mini-Map, press twice to open Big-Map, press three times to disable
  • C / F10 Open Character Menu
  • I / F9 Open Inventory Menu
  • S / F11 Open Skills Menu
  • O / F12 Open Options Menu
  • TInvite player (must be facing each other) to a Trade
  • EOpen E-Mail Menu
  • QDisplay current quest
  • CTRL + Tab – Toggle Drop View on/off
  • TabPick up an item (must be stood on the item)
  • SHIFT + Left-Mouse ButtonForce melee attack a highlighted target
  • Pause BreakTake Screenshot
  • ALT + QQuit Game
  • ALT + XLog out
  • DAuto-run
  • ALT + S Toggle Stall Visibility on/off
  • CTRL + GQuick Group a highlighted player (player must Allow Group first)
  • ALT + G Quick Ungroup a highlighted player (player must be in the group)
  • CTRL + NToggle Name-View
  • ALT + EnterToggle full-screen/windowed mode
  • AOpen Achievements Menu



There are several different types of message zones you can use to talk to people, or limit who can read your messages. Here is a list:

  • /PlayerNameWhere PlayerName is, type the name of the player you wish to speak to, followed by your message to speak privately to them – only they can read that message and they do not need to be near you or even on the same map. (Whispered messages are displayed as blue text)
  • !!If you are grouped with someone, you can use !! followed by your message to talk to only the group members. (Group messages are displayed as brown text)
  • !~If you are in a guild, you can speak to your guild members using !~ followed by your message. (Guild messages are displayed as green text)
  • !If you wish to shout in town you can use ! followed by your message to broadcast a message to all players within a large radius on the same map. (Shout messages are displayed in a black text with a yellow outline)
  • You can simply broadcast a message to all nearby players by having a prefix at the beginning. (Normal messages are displayed as black text)


Console Commands

Console commands are initiated by typing the chat box using the “@” parameter at the beginning of the command.

  • @WhisperToggle the ability to receive private messages on/off
  • @Private <PlayerName>Disable the ability to receive private messages from a specific player
  • @ShoutingToggle the ability to view shout messages on/off
  • @TradingToggle the ability to be invited to a trade by other players on/off
  • @Move <x> <y>(Requires TeleportRing) Teleport to the specific coordinates (x) and (y) of the current map you are on, if the map supports the ability to teleport
  • @RecallGroup(Requires full Recall Set and must be the group leader) Teleport your entire group to your current location, if the map supports the ability to recall
  • @AllowGuildToggle the ability to be invited into a Guild on/off
  • @LeaveGuild(Must be in a guild) Leave your current guild
  • @Alliance(As the guild leader, you must be facing another guild leader who has authorised alliance) Add another guild to your alliance list. Guilds on your alliance list can join you at wall wars and will not receive damage from you when you are on Guild Attack Mode and vice versa
  • @AllowAlliance(Must be a guild leader) Toggle the ability to allow other guild leaders to forge an alliance with your guild on/off
  • @CancelAlliance(Must be a guild leader) Remove an allied guild from your alliance list
  • @TimeDisplays the current time (GMT)
  • @PvPGrants access to Player vs. Player Arenas (You do not lose items on death)
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