Warrior Skills

Disciplined in the art of close-quarters combat, the Warrior can deliver devastating melee attacks with unstoppable force as the frontline soldiers on the battlefield. Their unmatched physical strength grants them heightened resistances to all physical damage and increased health to sustain unbelievable amounts of pain.

The Warrior’s combat prowess is often defined by their natural ability to persevere in the heat of battle, wielding an arsenal of deadly weaponry and displaying complete mastery of close-quarters combat. In the field, you will encounter mysterious tomes of ancient knowledge that will teach you various different skills and abilities that can be used to heighten your battlefield dominance.

As it happens, the mysterious tomes have fallen into the hands of the demonic forces and beastly apparitions that roam the lands, only a select few can be found on local merchants. Be on the look out, as this knowledge will help guide you to victory. Before one can master the forbidden knowledge of the ancients, they must first meet the requirements set by our ancestors, by improving their combat experience.

Mastery of skills is based on three levels of practice, which through each level achieved, will increase their effectiveness. Many skills and abilities you learn may be influenced by elemental enhancements imbued into your equipment.

Warrior Skills and Spells

Fencing: Level 7

Improves your swordplay accuracy.

Elemental Bonus: n/a

Slaying: Level 19

Randomly increase the destructive power of your sword attack by 25%. Rate increased with level.

Elemental Bonus: Holy

Thrusting: Level 25

Thrust your sword forward, attacking two adjacent opponents.

Elemental Bonus: n/a

Halfmoon: Level 28

Swing your sword in a half moon to attack multiple targets.

Elemental Bonus: Holy

Shoulder Dash: Level 30

Charge forward, pushing back weaker opponents that stand in your way.

Elemental Bonus: n/a

Flaming Sword: Level 35

Summon the spirits of fire to imbue your sword and cause maximum damage.

Elemental Bonus: Fire

Further Fencing: Level 42

Further improve your swordplay accuracy.

Elemental Bonus: n/a

Advanced Fencing: Level 62

Improve your swordplay accuracy even further.

Elemental Bonus: n/a

Protection Field: Level 65

Create a protective field, increasing your AC for a short period.

Elemental Bonus: Holy

Damage Field: Level 65

Create a destructive field, increasing your DC for a short period.

Elemental Bonus: Holy

Ethereal Blades: Level 65

Summon a wave of ethereal blade to plough forward into opponents.

Elemental Bonus: Ice & Holy

Cross Half Moon: Level 70

Create a powerful cross half moon with your sword, damaging all surrounding opponents.

Elemental Bonus: Lightning

Fire Thrust: Level 72

Thrust your sword forward, immolating two adjacent opponents.

Elemental Bonus: Fire

Twin Drake Blade: Level 75

Rapidly swing your sword twice, causing extra damage and evading 80% of the targets defenses.

Elemental Bonus: Dark

Lion Roar: Level 80

A powerful war cry that will stun and terrify enemies, causing them to flee.

Elemental Bonus: n/a

Shadow Slayer: Level 82

Summon a shadow slayer to charge forward from your body and cut through opponents.

Elemental Bonus: Dark

Entrapment: Level 85

Entrap a weaker opponent and pull it towards you.

Elemental Bonus: n/a

Blazing Sword: Level 86

Summon the spirits of the inferno to imbue your sword and cause maximum damage.

Elemental Bonus: Fire & Dark

Chilling Sword: Level 96

Chill your sword to sub zero temperatures and bring it crashing down on multiple adjacent targets.

Elemental Bonus: Ice

Berserk: Level 100

Go berserk and increase both attack speed and accuracy.

Elemental Bonus: Holy

Fire Frenzy: Level 103

Create a frenzy of fire damaging all surrounding opponents.

Elemental Bonus: Fire

Bloodlust: Level 106

Absorb a percentage of sword damage from an opponent as health.

Elemental Bonus: n/a

Storm Thrust: Level 109

Thrust your sword forward, electrocuting two adjacent opponents.

Elemental Bonus: Lightning

Twin Drake Fire: Level 111

Increase the power of your twin drake blade attack.

Elemental Bonus: n/a

Frost Frenzy: Level 116

Create a frenzy of frost, damaging all surrounding opponents.

Elemental Bonus: Ice

Samurai Training: Level 119

Further enhance your swordplay accuracy and agility.

Elemental Bonus: n/a

Battle Charge: Level 123

Charge into battle with devastating force, pushing back multiple opponents, causing maximum damage.

Elemental Bonus: Fire

Swordsmanship: Level 130

Increase your attack rating.

Elemental Bonus: n/a

Luring Cry: Level 134

Attract the attention of surrounding opponents.

Elemental Bonus: n/a

Flamesword Fire: Level 141

Increase damage of flaming sword skills.

Elemental Bonus: Fire

Awakened: Level 150

Awaken hidden healing powers and improve health recovery.

Elemental Bonus: n/a

Slice: Level 158

Deep cuts in opponents flesh cause them to bleed out over time.

Elemental Bonus: Dark

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