Bichon Province (Past)

Bichon Province was not always so peaceful, many years ago Bichon was under constant siege during the reign of the great terror known only as the Evil Mir, protected by his legion of heavily armoured Oma hell bent on the destruction of the human race. Starting off as only a small encampment, raiding parties from the Mongchon Province forged an alliance with the besieged tribes of the Woomyon Woods who managed to erect a gargantuan fortress in the Bichon Province, securing a good foothold in the region which would eventually lead to their victory, and the formation of the great city of Bichon Wall we know today.

Evil Mir was revered as a God to many, the giant basilisk said to possess tremendous magical strength was somehow beaten by the united power of the Three Heroes.

Area Information

Be wary, for the Oma were once a force to be to feared. These Oma wield powerful weaponry and strong armour, fiercely loyal to the great Evil that lurks beneath the surface. Experienced adventurers may wish to challenge the Oma, but will not have an easy time trying to turn them into submission.
Through the discovery of a mysterious, seemingly bottomless pit seeping with magical energy found on Prajna Island, a group of travelling wizards were able to harness the and utilise the power of time travel. Sealing the magical energy within a stone, the travelling wizards were able to preserve this gift for years to come.
The persistent onslaught of the Oma Invasion lead many brave souls to their unfortunate death, only one merchant survived the ordeal, and continued to sell his wares to the soldiers despite the extreme risks involved. Geed’s avarice consumed him, but was this the ultimate sacrifice that was so desperately needed?
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