Phoenix Oasis

If you happen to travel through the Naga Desert towards Phoenix Castle, you will come across a small settlement in the middle of nowhere. The locals refer to this as the Phoenix Oasis, a small trading post travelers can stop for respite or do a little trading. Surrounded by a vast expanse of forest, the traders are often sheltered from attackers so the area itself is relatively safe – wander too far however, and this may not be the case. Many believed that years ago, the appropriately named “Oasis” was once filled with a natural spring where inhabitants of the desert would flock to gather water. Over the years, the Oasis began to dry up, and travelers soon moved in to setup shop.

Following the path north will lead you to the Phoenix Castle, heading west will lead you along the Southern Pass to the Naga Desert – if you’re heading that way, make sure to take plenty of water and beware of the dangers that roam the burning sands.

Area Information

The Desolate Caverns and Halls of Agony are ruled by the great King & Queen Leoric, protected by their huge army of undead fallen soldiers reanimated to do their bidding. It is recommended that only seasoned adventurers should explore the dangerous kingdom.
Aside from the kingdom of King & Queen Leoric, it is said that deep within the Woods, a group of necromancers performed a series of dark magical experiments, unleashing something into the world they later regretted. Beware when exploring the Dark Woods, for many believe that it isn’t just monkeys that inhabit the trees.
Dropping by the Oasis is a great place to rest or trade goods. A very talented blacksmith can be found here who is said to offer his specialist services to those looking to modify their weaponry with specially crafted sockets, large enough to imbue magical runes into the weapons core.
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