Heroes Village

The path of the Heroes is perilous, it is said the Three Heroes once united in an effort to save the Albion village. Traversing through eerie dungeons and mysterious temples, filled with dangerous creatures, the Three Heroes set out to clear the region of the rising threat and were successful in their attempts. The Albion village has since been reclaimed by the townsfolk with the aid of the Three Heroes and has since been appropriately named the “Heroes Village”.

Protected by a powerful ward that can only be accessed by those deemed Heroic by the Gods, this idyllic paradise allows Heroes to withdraw themselves from the problems of everyday life by offering peaceful respite.

Area Information

The Heroes’ town is completely free of any threat. The only occupants are the local merchants and those who have followed the path of the Hero and lived to tell the tale. The Ward of Protection prevents any incoming threats from stepping foot within the region.
Colossal waterfalls, towering trees and an abundance of peaceful wildlife are all that occupy the region. Isolated from the outside world, this little corner of heaven stands as a stunning natural wonder of the world. Explore the tranquil forests and discover a whole new world of natural beauty.
Only the survivors of the great invasion were allowed to stay, now occupying the region as tradesmen. The town’s jeweller can offer specialist repair services to Heroes. Unlike the standard repair where the risk of damaging the item is present, the jeweller’s careful craftsmanship ensures your items always remain strong.
Mir Arcadia

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