Bichon Wall

Bichon Wall was one of the first ever cities to be built, hundreds of years ago. Starting out at nothing more than a small settlement, housing no more than 5 to 10 residents, Bichon Wall has since marked it’s position on the map – evolving into one of the most successful establishments in the whole Arcadian World, attracting; adventurers, merchants and travellers from all across the globe. Bichon is now considered to be the main city where everyone from across the land gather to trade, socialise and rest.

The townspeople believe the Guardians of Mir bestowed their blessings upon the settlement during the Great Oma Invasion, granting everlasting strength and fortune. Statues have been erected in their honour to remind everyone of the great unity that lead to what Bichon Wall is today, they can be found near the centre of town.

Local Area

  • Border TownThe neighbouring village, known as the ‘Border Town’, is known initially as the starting zone for all new comers to the Bichon Province. Mayor Emily of Border Town is known to offer her guidance to all beginner adventurers, teaching them the basics of survival so that one day they may find their place among the champions.
  • Ginko Tree Valley Another neighbouring village, known as ‘Ginko Tree Valley’, was once a prosperous mining town full of wealth with a vast community of miners and merchants alike, now a shadow of it’s former self. Since the invasion of ‘Lord Sauron’, the miners have either been killed or put out of work, as such, the town struggles for income and has already began to deteriorate.
  • Maggot LairNot much is known about this particular cave. Explorers began searching around this area for future mining opportunities, when they stumbled across a rather peculiar crack in the face of the cliff. Upon further inspection, the explorers began to hear strange sounds coming from within, and began to make their way inside to investigate. Various maggot like creatures began to emerge from the cracks inside the cave and attack the explorers with their deadly poisonous spit, as such, the cave has been named the “Maggot Lair” respectively. It is said that a great evil lurks beneath the depths…
  • Oma CaveBefore the Great Oma Invasion, this cave were home to over 5,000 Oma – including the demonic beast known only as the “Oma Demi God”. As our heroes united under the guidance of the great Guardians of Mir, the Great Oma Invasion finally came to a peaceful resolution. The Oma were forced to leave their home and move north towards the Woomyon Woods, where their numbers are greatly reduced and their strength weakened. The cave remains empty to this day, but stands as a reminder to all who pose a threat to Castle Bichon.
  • Ghoul CaveThe Bichon Wall Undercroft, now known as ‘Ghoul Cave’, was said to have been cursed by the evil undertaker many years ago. His evil spirit still haunts the walls and is said to have the power to reanimate the tortured remains of the plague victims who rest there.
  • Death ValleyAfter the great collapse of the main chamber within the Mines of Moria, the two sections were cut off and blocked by falling debris. The eastern section is known as Death Valley, the western section is known as the Mines of Moria. Rumour has it that the old miners died there, but their corpses still remain, possessed by the demons that supposedly caused the collapse in the first place. Many believe this section of the mine lays on top of an old abandoned underground prison, and the undead prisoners have been seen wandering around, though this was never confirmed – two guards went into the mines to find the entrance to the prison, but never returned.
  • Connected PathBeneath the Bichon Inn, the mysterious hallways stretch for miles, leading to unknown passages. Many believe that these hallways were used to transport criminals safely across town. The distant screams of anguish can be heard echoing through the night, many locals refuse to stay at the Inn and those who dare brave it report seeing dark figures wandering in the distance. Several necromancers have taken refuge within the halls, practicing their dark magic and enticing courageous warriors to seek out components for their summoning.
  • Mines of MoriaThe western section of the “Dead Pits” is now known as the Mines of Moria, since the invasion of Lord Sauron and his minions. The mines are now a source of great evil, and many powerful creatures are contained within. This huge underground mining facility is said to stretch as far as the Fangorn Forest, which happens to lead to Mordor and also to the lair of Shelob. Adventurers are encouraged to take precautions when exploring the mines, many have left in search for the Balgod, none have returned.


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