Bichon Wall

Bichon Wall was one of the first ever cities to be built, hundreds of years ago. Starting out at nothing more than a small settlement, housing no more than 5 to 10 residents, Bichon Wall has since marked it’s position on the map – evolving into one of the most successful establishments in the whole Arcadian World, attracting; adventurers, merchants and travellers from all across the globe. Bichon is now considered to be the main city where everyone from across the land gather to trade, socialise and rest.

Fascinating landmarks can be found scattered around this beautiful kingdom, each with their own weird & wonderful (and dangerous) characteristics that give each location it’s own unique identity. The Bichon Province is a great place for aspiring adventurers to begin their journey.

Area Information

Deep, dark caverns and abandoned mine shafts can be found nearby – filled with undead abominations and other vile creatures ready to devour unsuspecting adventurers who stray too far from the path. These areas are recommended to beginner adventurers but proceed with great caution.
The Bichon Province has some of the most iconic structures and sights never before seen anywhere else. One great example would be the Bichon Palace. This monumental masterpiece locations to the north-east of Bichon Wall can be seen from miles away. Many powerful guilds were forged within the palace.
Various merchants from all across the land gather here and offer some of their finest wares. From weaponary and armour, to jewellery and potions, you should be able to find just about everything you need. Don’t forget to speak to the local farmer, he often needs help and will definitely make it worth your while.
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