Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons was a hugely successful Easter event delivered to Arcadia last year. Well guess what? It’s back! But there’s more..! Four instanced dungeons catering to a variety of level ranges, each instance contains 15 floors with thousands of demonic minions running riot and causing mischief.

The poisonous serpent Glaurung patrols the lower depths of the molten seas, while the super-boss Retshe stands by his throne guarding his treasures. There are eight races of dragon lurking in the fiery depths that will be available as pets. Will you be lucky enough to find and hatch a Dragon Egg?

Lower level players can go into higher level dungeons and enjoy the higher experience and better item drops. The first 3 floors are safe zones and the first 5 floors are no player drop areas.

Dungeons and Dragons – Easy – level 100 and below
Dungeons and Dragons – Hard – level 120 and below
Dungeons and Dragons – Difficult – Level 140 and below
Dungeons and Dragons – Nightmare – All Players

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Event starts Friday 12th April 2019 at 20:00 BST

Dragon Eggs

There are 8 rare Dragon Eggs to be found in and around the event maps. Incubate these eggs and be the lucky owner of a pet dragon!

Dragons are mighty powerful. Train them well with pet food and they will assist you throughout the event. Each race has three evolutions after hatching. You will need to level them high to see the more powerful dragons; but that shouldn’t be a problem with all the food that drops in the event!


So where can I find the Eggs?

Want to know where to hunt for your eggs? Let us tell you exactly where each type of Egg can be found..

Stone Eggs are the most common and can be found in the first floors of the River of Flames.
Cerulean Egg, of blue colouration, are often found in Lava Temple Floor 2.
Shamrock Eggs can be almost invisible when left in the leaf litter, can be found in Lava Temple Maze.
Marbled Egg, not to be confused as toys, can be found in Lava Temple Floor 3 and 4a.
Glass Eggs are an incredible sight, extremely fragile, but so beautiful. Found in Lava Temple Floor 4b.
Garnet Egg, of Red colouration, can be found in Lava Temple Floor 5.
Shadow Eggs are named so due to their dark and dull tones. A fierce hunter may find one of these whilst hunting the Dragonclaw Caverns.
Fiery Egg, the rarest of them all, can only be found in the Scorching Caverns.


How do I hatch the Eggs?

With Growth Fungus and Incubation Oil of course! Look after your Egg wisely, you do not want to anger the dragon inside..

Free Dragons Eggs! We will be giving out free Dragon Eggs before the launch of the Event. Keep an eye out for the promotions on Facebook.

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Unfortunately all event items will expire after the event is over. Dragon Arcamon will last until Monday 28th April before being removed. You will see an expiry notice on the items in-game.

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